Our Department

Gastroenterology & Liver Center

Department of Gastroenterology will provide a complete care and services on the digestive system and its disorders. The unit provides advanced laparoscopic surgery to treat diseases such as gallstones, hernia, appendicitis, intestinal and colorectal tumors, rectal-prolapse, and incisional hernia.

It includes the medical and surgical treatment of diseases such as colon polyps, gastrointestinal cancer, jaundice, cirrhosis of the liver, gastroesophageal reflux, peptic ulcer disease, colitis, gallbladder and biliary tract disease, pancreatitis, etc.

  • Hepatobiliary surgery
  • Bile duct injuries and strictures
  • Malignant tumor of bile duct, pancreas and liver
  • Gall bladder surgery
  • I surgery
  • Liver resection
  • Perianal abscesses
  • Fistula
  • Colitis