Message From Chairman

Message From Chairman

Dr. Badri Paudel | Chairman

Welcome to the Charak Memorial Hospital (CMH). You will find information here on our website about the many services and programs that CMH offers to our community.

The vision of CMH began many years before it was finally crystallized seven years back. As one of the finest hospitals in the western region of Nepal, CMH has a proud heritage of serving the culturally diverse community. This acute-care, specialized hospital with 100 beds, is located in the heart of Pokhara Valley, the heaven in Earth.

CMH has further reinforcing our commitment and ability to deliver high quality healthcare while playing a leading role in the areas of teaching and research. It has the team of young, idealistic, dedicated and motivated young professionals, concerned about the state of the country’s healthcare and wondering how to maintain the nobility of the medical profession. It has developed the concept of a collaborative team, working together to provide comprehensive care to patients, and demonstrating that modern medicine, in totality, could be practiced only through organized, complementary multispecialty teams.

The Hospital also provides numerous highly specialized services such as ICU, CCU, NICU care, renal dialysis, oncology, geriatric assessment, vascular surgery, psycho-geriatrics, C.T. scan etc. There are over 10,000 outpatient clinic visits, and over 1000 patient admissions annually. The social needs for high-quality medical treatment has been increasing steadily over the last few years. Our missions are to provide curative treatment, offer clinical training, and to contribute to development of high-quality medical care. Together, we will be able to diversify and multiply our research projects, thus bringing state-of-the-art care to an always-increasing number of patients.

Our aim is to ensure sentiments of satisfaction and peace consistently, from patient to patient. We continue to do so through our unrelenting efforts to devise processes that revolve around the patients’ well-being. CMH will help you to prevent, early detection and treatment of all sorts of Diseases. This new multi-specialty tertiary care hospital has one mission to provide all the possible feasibility to treat all the life-threatening diseases / critical illness in lowest budget and also to discourage the transfer of these patient to capital, because we all know time is wealth in these critical conditions. Hence, we would reduce the en-route death during the transfer.

Our caring approach to elective students from aboard will ensure that you have the best possible chance of developing into a thoughtful and caring doctor, well qualified to practice medicine in the health care environments of the future the world over.

We encourage you to stay well.


Dr. Badri Paudel