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Charak Memorial Hospital Pvt. Ltd .

Company Registration Number : 103448/069/070
PAN : 305592819

CHARAK MEMORIAL HOSPITAL PVT. LTD. (CMH) was founded with the principles of Social equity in health care. CMH is registered and established on 10th of Mangsir 2069 and is thriving to provide health services in hygienic way as well as modernization in its system. The Hospital is located presently in a centre of Pokhara, best suited for providing prompt health services.
The hospital was originated by the combined sincere efforts of Doctors and few dedicated people working in health sector. Over the course of this exciting journey we have the central mission of providing quality health care services mainly the rural and disadvantaged people surrounding near the Gandaki and Dhaulagiri zone with the utmost professionalism. Despite all the challenges CMH become one of the fastest growing hospital in the western region also managed to expand its services to the academics programs in the near future.
We are committed to innovation and the adoption of new appropriate and cost effective technologies for the promotion of health services of individuals and community. We have managed the social care unit in the hospital which is concerned for the disabled, disadvantaged, marginalized and vulnerable patients. The hospitals allocate ten percent of free beds and medical services to financially weak patients and keep additional medical services at subsidized rates. We are providing all medical services in our well-equipped hospital.
Founded in 2012, Charak Memorial Hospital has been pioneer in providing world class health care services. Located in the heart of Pokhara, a metropolitan city, nicknamed as „Heaven on Earth”. Charak Memorial Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital, cares for over a 2 million population in the Gandaki Province. Its mission is to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic, curative and rehabilitative services of international standards with evidence-based ethical healthcare.
Charak Memorial Hospital is a leader in medical technology and innovative patient services.
The 100 bedded, 7-storey new building is equipped with rooftop helipad is truly unique.We can enjoy the magnificent view of Pokhara. Another positive aspect
is its Central location also the building is Earthquake resistant. We have other facilities like modern equipments, latest technology, Central air-conditioning and of best international brands medical equipments .

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