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The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department at Charak Memorial Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive and specialized care for disorders related to the ear, nose, throat, head, and neck regions. Led by a team of highly skilled otolaryngologists (ENT specialists), the department offers advanced diagnostic and treatment services for a wide range of conditions.

Key Services and Specialties:

  1. Ear Disorders: The department treats conditions such as hearing loss, ear infections, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), balance disorders, and ear injuries. They offer services like hearing tests, ear surgery, and hearing aid fittings.
  2. Nose and Sinus Disorders: Patients can receive treatment for nasal congestion, sinusitis, nasal allergies, nasal polyps, and other nasal and sinus-related issues. Services include sinus surgery, allergy testing, and medical management.
  3. Throat and Voice Disorders: The ENT team addresses problems like tonsillitis, hoarseness, voice disorders, swallowing difficulties, and throat cancer. They provide comprehensive care, including voice therapy, surgical interventions, and speech rehabilitation.
  4. Head and Neck Surgery: The department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancers, thyroid disorders, and other conditions affecting the neck and facial structures. Advanced surgical techniques, such as robotic surgery, are employed for precise and minimally invasive procedures.
  5. Pediatric ENT: The department has a dedicated team of pediatric otolaryngologists who specialize in treating children with ear, nose, throat, and related disorders, including congenital conditions, airway issues, and speech and language delays.

The ENT department at Charak Memorial Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, including endoscopy suites, audiology testing facilities, and advanced imaging modalities. The team follows a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with other specialists as needed, to provide personalized and comprehensive care for each patient.

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